Spring Clean Your Style

Spring Clean Your Style

Daily tips on how to Spring Clean Your Style.

Spring Clean Your Style

All March we will be sharing tips and ways to Spring Clean Your Style. Shake off the sartorial cobwebs, toss out the tired trends and enter April feeling refreshed and renewed.
Today's Tip:  Go through your undergarments, and be ruthless.  Bras, underwear and hosiery are the foundations to your look.  If they don’t work, nothing will, so keep only the pieces that are still doing their job.  Yes, that means the strapless bra you bought for the dress you wore to your cousin’s wedding in 2010 and spends more time shimmying down your rib cage than holding anything up has to go...


The one pair of tights that has a teensy run at the top of the thigh where no one can see.   We all know that run will travel at the worst time, don’t risk it.*

  • Bras that don’t fit (cups too large, cups to small, straps that dig).
  • Anything with elastic that is no longer functional.
  • Anything stained or torn. 
  • Whites so dingy you feel sad when you look at them.  They are not technically stained, but you deserve better, right?
  • Socks with no mate

* I actually don’t toss hosiery with runs, I keep them to use to rub deodorant marks off my clothes -it works!

Previous Tips:
  • Toss expired products!  Keep your makeup bag clutter free by tossing products past their due date.  

1. Check the product for guidelines.  Often products will tell you when to toss.  Look for an expiration date stamped on them or a PAO (Period After Opening Symbol).  The PAO symbol will tell you how long after opening the product will last.  

2. If a product has changed in texture, smell, or color, toss it.  

3. Still not sure if something should stay or go?  Here are some general guideline to product life-spans.

Powders and Blushes: 2 yrs The cleaner the brush dipped into the product, the safer it stays, so please, please, clean your makeup brushes!  Busy lady hack: this Jane Iredale Brush Cleaner.  

Liquid Foundation: 1 yr

Lipstick: 2 years

Mascara: 3-6 mo.  Personally, I just like a fresh tube of mascara, so I follow the 3 month rule.

Cleansers and Toners: 1 yr

Nail Polish: 2 yrs 


  • Toss out the clothes for the job you no longer have. Maybe you were promoted, changed industries or the office dress code changed. Don't let old "work clothes" take up closet space.


  • Donate or gift tops in colors that don't help you glow.  Especially with tops, because they are right by your face, only keep the ones in shades that flatter your skin tone.  If there is a color you love that just doesn’t wear well on you, save it for your accessories or your bottom half. 


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